A Guide to Buying a Used Jeep

Finding an RHD Jeep

So, you have your eye on a jeep, but reel at the price? You wouldn’t be the only one. In many parts of the county, you could probably buy a comfy house with the amount a Jeep Cherokee costs? (A jeep or my own house? Hmmmm.)

Blowing a bundle of cash on a jeep, even if you could manage to scrape together the amount doesn’t make a lot of sense. These four wheel drive vehicles boast of sturdy construction and reliable engineering. Jeeps from the eighties are still roaming the streets and not that much worse for the wear.

Consider this – a used jeep can coast as little as 20 to 8- percent of a brand new and shiny jeep. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the huge cost savings?

Buying used vehicles gets a bad rep because of the number of scams operating and the notion that you get what you pay for. But that doesn’t have to be the case. The difference between a guy who ends up with a rickety contraption and another who ends up with a reliable jeep for the same price can be summed up in one word – information.

Your own neighborhood would be a safe place to start. Chances are there is a jeep club in your town or city give them a visit and pick their brains. The Internet is a bottomless pit of information and listings for used jeeps. Look around your local mechanic shops. They’ve probably tinkered with dozens of different models and have an insider’s view of the model of jeep you’re planning to buy. Ask what models have the most frequent repair problems, and need the most replacement of parts? Mechanics love sharing their opinion on cars. Listen to them. You don’t want to be stuck with a jeep that takes a nice chunk off your monthly income just to keep in running shape.

A sturdy, well maintained used jeep doesn’t have to be out of your reach. Do you research, gather information and references from a variety of sources, and only then make a purchase.

What should you be Looking for in a Jeep?

Well, that actually depends on your lifestyle and what you will be using your new jeep for?

What do you expect to use your jeep for? What kind of cargo or gear do you see your self transporting in your jeep? How many members does your gamily consist of? Will you be doing most of your driving on the road conditions or in foul weather and bad roads?

For more general highway driving where your jeep won’t be exposed to wear and tear and heavy duty strain, a regular unit type body frame is ideal. You really don’t need a sturdier strong as steel armor. But if you expect to be doing a lot of driving over rough terrain, you’ll need a more rugged and sturdy box frame.

You’ll also need to look at your own budget. Decide on a range and then look for used jeeps that fall within that price range. Insurance is another factor to consider. You’ll need coverage for both your jeep and yourself in the event of an accident. Budget insurance payments in to your price estimate.

Relevant guides: Get a free VIN checkand find listings for a used Jeep in your area. Here are the biggest things you should consider before you buy a new or used Jeep Wrangler more. You don't have to like Jeeps to know what a Wrangler is all about.  It's a good times vehicle, whether you buy a hardtop or a ragtop more. The purchase of a dependable, reasonably priced used four-wheel drive is not a matter of chance or luck, but rather, it is a matter of knowledge and understanding. more

Looking for a Used Jeep

The most obvious place to begin your hunt for a used jeep is the used car lot. You’ll find models of every size and style, to make your decision making process a lot easier. Go online for an even bigger selection of used jeeps to choose from. Buy and sell publications will have used car listings and you local Jeep club is also bound to have some sort of sale that you can attend. Spread the word – whether at the Jeep club, your mechanic or friends, make it known that you’re looking for a used jeep so people can contact you if they have something that they’re planning to put on sale.

Once you’ve seen a few models that you like, its time to talk shop. Ask how many miles the jeep has been driven and what kinds of conditions the vehicle was driven. For obvious reasons a jeep that’s been on rough roads will show greater wear and tear. Don’t take the owner’s word for it. make a clean inspection of the jeep to check for very visible signs of damage. Don’t worry too much if there’s a tiny film of rust. This can easily be cleaned.

The owner selling you the car should have been regular in his servicing of the jeep. Oil changes and filter changes should have been regular enough for the jeep to be well maintained. If the jeep has been used as a rental jeep or has been involved in an accident it’s probably best to walk away from the vehicle and look for another one.

A jeep can be a great guy’s toy and a family fun vehicle in one. So, go ahead and join the club!

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